Join the Lifestyle and Bubble Tea Revolution! Here’s how to be a BenkeiiHime business owner.

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Step 1. Discover our difference

Start by reviewing the materials that we have provided on this site page to give you some good insight into our business, where we started, and where we're going.

Step 2: Tell us about your goals

We want to hear about your skills, experience, and why you want to make a move into owning your own business. Has something changed in your industry? Are you looking to move to a new city? Or would you like to do something with your family? These are just a few of the reasons why people look at joining a franchise today. Let’s explore together and see if a Benkei Hime Franchise location is a good fit for both sides.

Step 3: Get to know us better

Can you see yourself and your family members working with us and enjoying our business? If so, the next step is to contact us and tell us a bit more about you, your area preferences, and available funds to start your business.

Prior to any decision, you will be provided with a Franchise Disclosure Document. The FDD is a legal document that Canadian franchisors must provide to prospective franchisees. It contains important information about the franchise, including fees, obligations, and the franchisor's background.

Step 4: Step into the Benkei Hime World

Visit our stores and enjoy our products. Take note of the satisfaction that our bubble tea drinks bring to our customers. Prior to making a full-time decision, you will have the opportunity to spend some time in a supervised ‘hands on’ position at one of our corporate stores. You'll get a taste for not only our products but also our business style.

You will work beside our trainer who will eventually train you in your own store. The owners will also spend some time with you, and they will share why they started the business, and their plans for future growth. These plans could include you.

Step 5: Join the Benkei Hime Franchise Group

After discussion with your lawyer and financial advisor, if you're satisfied with the terms and conditions, you will proceed ahead and sign the franchise agreement. This agreement grants you the right to operate a Benkei Hime franchise within your approved territory.

You will be included in the location approval decision once a suitable location is selected. Then, your store will be fitted out with all the Benkei Hime fixtures, signage, menu boards and leasehold improvements that make our brand unique.

Step 6: Training and Store Opening

Store build out will take place under the direction of our head office team to ensure our high standards are adhered to.

Once your store is finished, your training will commence. Your training will take place in a corporate store, as well as at your own store, with our franchisee trainer onsite. Your training will be comprehensive enough to give you the confidence to own and operate your store to our high brand standards.

After your store is open, regular communication with our franchise team will provide you with ongoing support and resources you need to help you succeed.

Download our Franchising in Canada PDF here

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